Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fairbanks Morse H-15-44 road switcher from 1949

Seen in Central Railroad of New Jersey service at Communipaw, Jersey City, is an H-15-44 model road switcher of which 35 were manufactured by Fairbanks-Morse from September 1947 to June 1950. The Bo-Bo type locomotive was powered by a 1,500-hp (1,100 kW), 2-stroke eight-cylinder opposed piston prime mover fitted with a Roots blower. The H-15-44 featured an offset cab design that provided space for an optional steam generator in the short hood, making the model versatile enough to work in passenger service as well as freight duty.

The cab-side window assembly incorporated "half moon"-shaped inoperable panes which resulted in an overall oblong shape. The platform (underframe) was shared with F-M's 2,000-hp (1,500 kW) end cab road switcher, the FM H-20-44, as was the carbody to some extent. The platform and carbody was also utilized by the H-15-44's successor, the FM H-16-44.

Length was 51 ft (15.54 metres) and weight 250,000 lb (113.4 tonnes). No H-15-44 is thought to exist today.

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