Sunday, January 26, 2014

the migrant ship to NZ 'Cospatrick' lost by fire in 1874

From the Illustrated London News, January 2, 1875 -
The most terrible catastrophe of the old year was the destruction by fire of the emigrant-ship Cospatrick, and the consequent loss of over 450 lives, in the early morning of Nov. 18.
The Cospatrick was a teak-built sailing-ship, of 1200 tons, constructed at Moulmein, in India, and classed A1 at Lloyd's until 1883. She was 190 ft. in length, 34 ft. in breadth, and had 23 ft. depth of hold. Purchased by her present owners, Messrs. Shaw, Savill, and Co., of 34, Leadenhall-street, from the late Mr. Duncan Dunbar, she was now making only her second voyage under the flag of that house.

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