Thursday, January 30, 2014

NZ Prime Minister wants referendum on the national flag this year

It's clear that in both NZ and Australia the present very similar national flags are much disliked, although not everyone feels that way. Unlike in the U.S. and Canada where you see the national flags flying everywhere, very few are seen in A/NZ.  Now John Key has proposed having a referendum on the issue in conjunction with the general election.  NZ's national colours by default are black and silver and the most common flag you see is a silver fern on a black background, John Key's preference for the official flag. It seems to us the best option too, the Southern Cross could be retained for an Australia-New Zealand Confederation flag. stuff article and video

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K M Findlay said...

The New Zealand Flag is not at all disliked. The Government can change the flag if it wants to and I cannot stop them but I like the New Zealand Flag and will recognise no other. The New Zealand colours of black and silver are the colours of our sports teams only and not of the nation. K M Findlay.