Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whitcoulls, Borders go from bad to worse

Reports are that Whitcoulls, Borders and Angus & Robertson, which now go under the collective title of REDgroup and run out of a glass tower in Exhibition Street in Melbourne, Awstrylia, have a new CEO coming from a supermarket background, while the Category Manager for New Zealand book stocks has been let go and replaced with a General catagory manager.

You can imagine the following conversation between the new appointees:

CEO: "I was looking at the feegures, mate. Strewth, we don't sell many books nowadays do we?

Category Manager: Books, nah, Who reads them? Sheesh, mate, I haven't read a book since I left schooul.

Me neether, I just play with me Play Station.

Do you play with it as well as or instead of?

Hah, funny, mate. What about New Zilund?

Nah, they're not interested in books, eether. They just root sheep over there don't they?

Exactly, mate. I don't know why these publishers over there think Kiwis are interested in reading, wasting time with their submissions.

Yeah, beats me. I theenk we should take the books out and put in sweets and beer.

Good theenking, mate. Hey, why not grab a V6 slab and we'll have a chat about the footy?

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