Sunday, January 10, 2021

heartfelt call to be kind

This is a message at the head of one of the Facebook blogs we follow which speaks for itself. It's one of the reasons why we've never bothered with our own FB page.  The denizins of cyberspace include a small number of negative and often nasty trolls who spoil things for not only the targets of their venom, but everyone.

We'd like to think there are none among our readers, but we know there are a handful.  Nearly all social media blogs are labors of love, but when things stop being fun for the editors/curators/admins, then the likelihood is that the enjoyment that people could and should get from them will cease.

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Wallace said...

So true, only needs one to upset the apple cart so to speak. Have seen it several times, venting and getting quite nasty as if a comment will change the world-only the pleasantries of trying to keep members happy on a page you felt was going to be of interest and reunite old friends etc.
Tough times seems to bring out many keyboard warriors but I still enjoy the friendship of many who don't feel the need to insult or can add constructive , thoughtful comments without insults. Social sites still have a good place if your members respect each other .