Thursday, May 10, 2018

1950 Fiat 18979s 3-axle bus

"I'm doing well with my bus spotting today."
Obviously seen in Rome.


Anonymous said...

No. Alfa Romeo 140 AF of ATAC. The distinctive "shield" radiator grille form is an obvious giveaway. The 140 also came in "filobus" version (trolleybus), without the radiator grille. Photo taken in the late 1950s as evidenced by the Fiat 600 on the left. This is Line 85, Largo del Tritone - via Cristoforo Colombo, a very scenic route through the center of Rome toward Ostia. Note how much narrower the older buses were so as to allow them through the narrower city center streets and archways of the city gates.

Catello Schettino said...

It rather seems to be an Alfa Romeo. The next one following most probably is a Fiat