Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Hamburg S-Bahn 4-car train in 1938

Going to Barmbeck in Altona. The first vehicles of the Hamburg S-Bahn were ET 99 series; timber structure with clerestory roofs . At that time power was supplied with low voltage 6 kV, 25 Hz AC from overhead. In the 1920s some of the power cars underwent a thorough modernization. All other two-car units were replaced until 1927 by a second delivery in steel with a barrel roof. The second delivery corresponded in size and electrical equipment to the modernized vehicles of the first series. Externally, these vehicles were still very similar to the usual compartment cars of the steam locomotive era.

The vehicles of the second series remained in use until 1955, with the cessation of overhead line operation and replacement with third rail DC.

Since December 2007, there has been again overhead operation with alternating current on the Hamburg S-Bahn with the extension to Stade. This is where two-system trains of the 474.3 series now run.

Today the Verkehrsamateure und Museumsbahn Aumühle have 99 units of both series of the ET.


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