Tuesday, September 5, 2017

German Reichspost Mercedes bus, circa 1940

Used by the German Post Office for post and passenger transport.  Some were also used to transport victims in in the Nazis' T-4 'euthanasia' program and this one is believed to have been used by the NS-Tötungsanstalt at Hartheim, showing also its driver. 

Mercedes logo, diesel-fueled, starting crank handle hole, roof fittings for luggage, dimming light, winker and blinking turn signal. headlights darkened, white lacquered bumper, corner visor antennas.

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Angie said...

I love the old bus pictures from Germany, and I am looking for pictures from a specific company (family history). Are you able to help me find any pictures from a company called Rosenstein Express? If so, my email address is moonshadow0922@yahoo.com. Trying to get a good picture of one of these beautiful old green buses as a present for an 80th birthday! Thanks so much, Angie