Monday, September 11, 2017

Belgian electric multiple unit from 1935

Passing by Epegem on the line from Bruxelles to Malines. No date.

The AM35 class was built for the first electrified line of the SNCB from Bruxelles - Antwerp in 1935. and the SNCB placed 12 of these 4-car sets (of a B’B’ + 2’2’ + 2’2’ + B’B’ axle arrangement) in service, inaugurated a few days before the Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles of that year. Most of the 4-car sets were expanded to 6 cars before long by the use of extra unpowered trailers.  Power output per 4-car set was was 1,300 hp; length 91 metres (300 ft); 116 1st class seating places and 237 in second class.

Because of their heavy weight they were retired prematurely between 1959 and 1962 as they caused high rail wear.  One passenger set was preserved plus a postal set.

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