Friday, September 2, 2016

two Mount Goldsworthy Mining Company English Electric (Rocklea) locomotives with an ore train, 1960s

On their way to Port Hedland, Western Australia.

In December 1965 the Mount Goldsworthy Mining Co. took delivery of two (no.s 1 and 2) to the same design as the Western Australian Government Railways H class (Bo-Bo type). Initially used on construction trains, they were later used on general freight trains and shunting duties. One was written off in an accident in 1968 with some parts incorporated into a new frame built by English Electric in 1970.

In 1966 the company acquired the first of six (no.s 3 to 8) to the same design as the WAGR K class (Co-Co type). After one was damaged in 1968, a K class was purchased from the WAGR followed by another in July 1986.

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