Monday, August 24, 2015

the tramways of yesterday in France

This is a recent book we've added to our library.  As the subtitle indicates, it provides a pictorial suvey of the urban streetcar systems that existed at the end of WW2 in France and continued to operate for at least a few more years.  As generally in the western world, they were steadily replaced by buses.  The only exceptions were those in Marseille, St Etienne and Lille.  Of course, a few have been reinstated in more recent times.

Following a general introduction, rather in the style of our blog, each system is introduced with an extended pargraph, and the photos, including some nice big ones.  Nearly all are b/w but there are 7 pages in color at the end.  The book is in a slightly largely than A4 format and hardcover. There are no system maps.

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