Saturday, August 29, 2015

picture of the week

Original caption: "Des migrants attendent à la gare macédonienne de Gevgelija, le 22 août 2015. Après avoir vécu trois jours dans un "no man's land", plus de 1500 réfugiés majoritairement syriens sont entrés en Grèce depuis la Macédoine." (Migrants wait at the Macedonian station of Gevgelija on 22 August 2105. After having spent 3 days in a no-man's land, more than 1500 refugees, mostly Syrian, entered Greece from Macedonia.)

This is one of 24 photos covering the flood of Muslim migrants through Greece, Italy and Turkey to (predominately) Germany and Sweden, and some to Calais to sneak into the UK.  


Bevan L said...

Good to see the Greeks have kept up their standards of cleanliness despite hard times.

transpress nz said...

Gevgelija is just across the Greek border in the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia. It's probable that the Muslim migrants are responsible for the mess though, pictures of them walking through Hungary show trails of trash, too.