Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Great Northern Railway bus

Mounted as a permanent exhibit by the station at Whitefish, Montana, is a bus-truck (a bruck?) built by Kenworth in the 1950s for GNR's Kallispell-Whitefish run where it replaced the scheduled railway passenger service.
(Geoff Churchman pic)

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Wallace said...

In a way this is not unlike the 'composite' coaches operated by New Zealand Road Services through the 1970's and 80's. The coach usually held 20 seats with the rest for Freight and mail. The NZRRS had the contract for mail services up until 1989, I used to drive them and anything like 30-40 bags of mail was not unusual on the night runs.During the day more freight was carried for Speedlink parcels another division of the company.Passenger fares were cheap and yet we always had regulars who travelled no other way and full loads at the weekends.. In all it was the best job I ever had in NZ ,and the system worked well until the Bolger led government got rid of it.Another National led cock up idea.