Monday, September 30, 2013

Crichton's Service Station, Johnsonville, 1929


This pic, attributed to Neils Peter Brown, shows the base of the Crichton's Bus Service which operated between Johnsonville and Wellington.  It was on on the west side of Johnsonville Road about where the entrance to the Johnsonville Shopping Mall now is.

The service station, in common with most in that era, sold different brands of fuel and oil - Shell, Texaco, Big Tree, Atlantic and Castrol.

The centre vehicle is a 'service car' with the destination of "Chateau", a reference to Chateau Tongoriro in the volcanic plateau.


Grant Taylor said...

The service-car on the left is a Stearns Knight and the one alongside is a President Eight Studebaker. I don't know who built these service-cars but Crichton's bus fleet was built by Crawley Ridley & Co Ltd in Taranaki St, Wellington. I'd really like a copy of this photo if such were possible.

transpressnz said...

send us an e-mail and we can oblige.

Eddie Smyth said...

Also owned by my dad and uncle.