Tuesday, February 26, 2013

more Tinakori Road 1900s

Further to the previous post, here is another view from the same era with Molesworth Street running towards the central city in the centre.  All the houses on the east side of Tinakori Road between Molesworth and Hawkestone Streets disappeared in the motorway construction and about thirds of those between Hawkestone Street and Hill Street.  Other houses (for example, some in Hawkestone Street including the Marist Thorndon school, all of Hawkestone Crescent, and a few in Molesworth Street and Hill Street) disappeared too.


Anonymous said...

Also gone completely is May Street which was where the northbound on ramp from Molesworth St is now.

transpressnz said...

Also demolished were the houses on the west side of Fitzherbert Terrace, 5 of which can be seen n the pic. There was a public garden between the two sides of the street which was reshaped into the present Katherine Memorial Garden.