Friday, September 21, 2012

trains in Hell

A scene from 1934, complete with flaming sky!
From about the same time as the previous scene

A scene from the 1950s

A scene from 1958
An early view looking at the junction of the two railways in the distance.
To the north of Hell, a scene from the 1900s on the first stage of what is now the Nordlandsbanen.
This scene probably also dates from the 1900s.
A 1960s scene
This 1960s scene is still sold as a postcard.  The shed in the foreground with Gods Expedition (!) is still there.  It actually means "goods dispatch".
The little township of Hell, about 25 km (15 miles) to the east of Trondheim in Norway, has long been popular with English speaking tourists for obvious reasons, and in the past many have gone to the local post office to have their passports stamped.  In Norwegian the name means a slope, overhang, or good luck.

Being at the junction of the Stjørdalensbanen (to Storlien and Sweden) and the Nordlandsbanen it sees a reasonable amount of traffic.

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