Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Puttgarden ferry and train terminal, Germany - 2

Puttgarden on the island Fehmarn was where a large roll-on, roll-off ferry terminal was built from 1961 and opened on 14 May 1963 by the Danish King Frederik IX and German President Heinrich Lübke. At the same time, the Fehmarnsundbrücke (Fehmarn Sound Bridge) connecting the island to the mainland was put into operation. The traditional ferry route from Germany to Denmark was between Rostock-Warnemünde and Gedser, but the former was then in DDR and the replacement route from Großenbrode Quay to Gedser was too complicated.

These two pics, showing V220 class diesels, would have been taken not long after opening.  The route between Copenhagen and Hamburg is known as the Vogelfluglinie (Fugleflugtslinien in Danish) or Bird Flight Line.

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