Monday, March 19, 2012

trams and boats in old Elbing, Poland

The most notable feature of the city was the Markttor or Market Gate or Brama Targowa from 1319.  The city was badly damaged in 1945 but this was restored, although trams no longer go through it.  The Neptune Fountain in the foreground of the third photo wasn't restored.
Until 1920 the city of Elbing was the capital of West Prussia, then it was made part of East Prussia by the territorial changes following the Treaty of Versailles, then in 1945 Stalin made it part of Poland and it was respelled Elblag. The tram system was begun in 1914, and today is 14 km long.

Elbing is also noted for the Ostroda-Elbing Canal, a separate post about that soon.

A tram can be seen in the Wilhelm-Friedrich Platz outside the old town hall.
General views of the Elbing Fluss (River) in the mid 1920s.

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