Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ship Monte Olivia at night

Monte Olivia was a Hamburg South American Line (Hamburg-Südamerikanische Dampfschifffahrts-Gesellschaft) steamship built in 1925. The ship was mainly operated on the Hamburg - Lisbon - Bahia - Rio de Janeiro - Santos and River Plate service, but was also used for cruising to other places like along the Norwegian fjords and to Spitzbergen. At the beginnning of 1940 the Monte Olivia was commissioned into service in the Kriegsmarine as an accommodation ship for the cruiser Nürnberg and Waldemar Kophamel, located in Kiel. She then served as a garrison ship for MARS (Naval Store Depot) in Gotenhafen, and in May 1944 as a garrison ship for the 8th Kriegsschiffbau-Lehr-Abteilung, in Hamburg. The ship was bombed and sunk at Kiel in 1945 and scrapped the following year.

Weight: 13,750 grt
Length: 159,70 metres
Width, 20.05 metres
Depth, 8.1 metres
Engines 4 x MAN 4-stroke 6cyl diesels, 2 shafts
Horsepower: 7,000 effective
Speed: 14.3 knots
Maximum range: 16,450 nautical miles at 14 knots (using 1,700 tonnes of oil)

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