Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Mayschoss on the Ahrtalbahn

The line through the Saffenberg with the station upper centre.
The Mayschoss station now (Google Earth)
The Ahr valley is a twisting side valley west of the Rhine in Germany, and is very picturesque with steep hills and several vineyards.  The old postcard shows the ruin of the Saffenburg on top of a hill which the river winds around, as well as the station at Mayschoss, which is still there but now used as a guesthouse.  Two railway tunnels used to run through the hill underneath the ruin, now only one does as rail traffic is fairly light and the second track is now a cycleway.  The line used to run 42 km to Adenau, but since the end of the 1990s has been cut back to Brück, 29 km from the junction station with the main line along the Rhine at Remagen. More info and pics at www.ahrtalbahn.de

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