Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Reynolds holds a press conference to explain

"Och aye, the Board of Telecon, oops I mean Telecom, invited me to be the new public face of the company. They figured that with my good looks and Scotch accent that I would soothe the poor suckers, oops I mean customers, who pay Telecom heaps for service that Telecom doesn't deliver. And for that they said they would pay me $7 million a year. That's more than double what the CEO of France Telecom gets! I thought these Board members were on another planet, but only a looney would turn that down? So I got a first class seat on the plane to Nioo Zeeland you know. Soon I'll have enough money for my own lavish castle and estate in Scotland, and I'm really looking forward to it. Satisfied?"

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Bob (Vodafone user) said...

actually his accent is Scots or Scottish - Scotch will be what he drinks, probably the Telecom board were too when they appointed him!