Friday, August 9, 2019

all aboard the steam train to Keswick, England, art

According to the publisher of the picture (as a jigsaw) this is "a scene from the early 1950s at Braithwaite station near Bassenthwaite Lake. The locomotive is a Webb ‘Cauliflower’ 0-6-0 and these venerable engines had been the mainstay of the Penrith-Keswick-Cockermouth line right up to that time. It also recalls a time when rural stations still had floral displays!"

The artist is Stephen Warnes: "Over the years, Stephen Warnes has gained a reputation for producing accessible modern painting. The 'Living North' Fine Art Directory says this about his work:

"The sheer scope of this artist's ouput is quite remarkable! Intricate and fascinating social histories; Surrealist and Expressionist imaginative works; some of Britain's finest railway art; dazzling, light-filled landscapes - even poetry and songwriting! As well as a high level of technical skill, Stephen has an Honours degree in the Theory and History of Art and in recent years has held public exhibitions that have proved genuinely popular with a very wide cross-section of people."

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Wallace said...

That's very nice too. Feel free to share it on the Rail art site if you so wish.