Thursday, September 13, 2018

1958 Studebaker Commander, Champion 4-door

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nzcarnerd said...

Check the comma in the first line of the ad. The Commander and Champion are two different models, although essentially the same car. The Champion used the old side valve six cylinder engine and the Commander the newer ohv V8. The Commander base price was less than 10% extra over the Champion. The ad is confusing.

From looking at the production figures I have it would seem that Studebaker buyers bought on price. The Scotsman Models were by far the bigger sellers. The base Champion Scotsman sedan was $1874 and the regular Champion sedan was $2253. The base price of a Commander V8 sedan was $2378.

Studebaker were becoming a minor player - their 1958 sales were only a little over 50,000. In comparison in 1958 Chevrolet sold over 1.2 million, and that was an off year for sales due to the economic downturn that year.