Sunday, July 8, 2018

Franklin vintage cars

This marque was defunct by 1934, a victim of the Depression.  These cars were at an owners' meet in Eureka, California.  All have air cooled engines (no radiators).


nzcarnerd said...

The car with the headlights on the fenders looks more like a circa 1927 Pierce-Arrow. Pierces though don't have radiator badges. I can't read the badge but maybe the car has a Franklin engine?

nzcarnerd said...

Had some advice on that 'pierce-Arrow', which is what it is, a 1928 Model 81. Seems Pierce decided to put the family crest as a radiator badge late in the life of the company, after having not used one for so many years. One of the Pierce wives pointed out that the crest used was actually for a different Pierce family, so the crest was dropped, but remained on the cars already built.