Sunday, July 2, 2017

BEA Airspeed A.S.57 Ambassador "Elizabethan Class"

245 mph = 394 km/h

"Three prototypes were built, the first registered G-AGUA was first flown by George B.S. Errington from Christchurch on 10 July 1947. British European Airways (BEA) placed a £3 million order for 20 aircraft in September 1948, and operated them between 1952 and 1958, calling them their "Elizabethan Class" in honour of the newly crowned Queen. The flagship of the fleet was G-ALZN, appropriately named "RMA Elizabethan" [in the pic]. The first "Elizabethan" scheduled flight was from Heathrow to Paris Le Bourget on 13 March 1952 and the type later also served the key UK routes. By December 1955 the "Elizabethan Class" had reached 2,230 flying hours annually, per aircraft, the highest in BEA's fleet. However, the last Elizabethan scheduled service for BEA was operated in August 1958, and the type was replaced by the Vickers Viscount."

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Wallace said...

When I flew out to New Zealand from Heathrow in late 1979 I traveled with British Airways to Los Angeles.The Boeing 747 had written on the side near the Cockpit the name ''The Elizabethan", am uncertain if that Jumbo was the flagship of the 747' at that time.