Wednesday, May 3, 2017

25 years since the Los Angeles riots

The Peterbilt truck loaded with aggregate that Reginald Denny was driving.
Local media in the Los Angeles area have been revisiting this most destructive civil disturbance in America's history during which some 60 people were killed, 2,400 injured and 1,000 properties, mainly commercial in the South Central area, but also elsewhere, were looted and burnt out.

One of the enduring incidents in people's memories was the attack on truck driver Reginald Denny at the intersection of Florence and Normandie where the rioting began when locals threw bottles and rocks at passing vehicles; hoodlums dragged him from the cab and began a prolonged serious assault on him. It was all broadcast live from a news helicopter. He survived due to the intervention of another trucker, but was severely damaged from the episode.


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