Thursday, December 31, 2015

Brussels cancels New Year festivities over Muslim terrorism fears, other cities nervous

Fears of Muslim extremists committing suicide bomb and shooting attacks at New Year have caused Belgium authorites to cancel festivities in the capital.

"Together with the interior minister, we've decided to not have the celebrations on Thursday evening," Brussels mayor Yvan Mayeur told the state broadcaster RTBF.

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel said the decision had been taken "given information we have received". Daily Mirror (UK) article

Other reports from Paris are that people there are choosing to go elsewhere for their parties. In Berlin where the Muslim population has increased substantially this year, all attendees at the Brandenburg Gate festivity will have to pass through security checks.

Meanwhile, police in the Turkish capital of Ankara arrested two Muslims with ISIS links after a raid uncovered one suicide vest, bomb-making equipment and ball bearings that could be used in an explosive device. New York Times article

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