Tuesday, December 31, 2013

can you realistically do anything about Muslim terrorist public transport bombers?

The latest Muslim attacks in Russia (and there are certain to be more) make you wonder if you were traveling on a bus, tram or train that had a Muslim suicide bomber on it, could you do anything to stop it? And how long should you allow before you tell the conductor about a briefcase, backpack or bag that someone has left unattended?

The answer to the first question seems to be nothing.  These people hide their explosives under their clothes with detonator at the ready and if you accosted them they would simply trigger it.

The answer to the second depends on whether there is a restroom or lounge car that the person could be in; if it doesn't have such, then report it straight away.  On the L.A. Metro last year a train two of us were on was stopped and cleared while the suspicious item was removed - it didn't take long.  If there could be a legitimate reason for something left where it is, a few minutes should be allowed.  The conductor should remember if the person in that seat had a ticket for a destination beyond where you are.

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