Wednesday, August 15, 2012

the one time Roebourne and Cossack tramway, Western Australia

About 1,500 km north of Perth, this 2 ft (610 mm) gauge 13.6 km horse drawn tramway was completed in 1887 from the town of Roebourne and the nearby port (now abandoned) of Cossack. Rolling stock imported from England consisted of six passenger coaches (each drawn by one horse) and 12 goods trucks drawn in rakes by two horses. Two trams left from both places daily at the same time and met at a double line section at the centre, where drivers and horses were changed. The trip took about 75 minutes. The Harbour and Light Department took over responsibility for the tramway from the Railways Department and it was extended to Point Samson in 1910; the car barn was shifted there. A turntable and crane were also moved to Point Samson about this time.

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