Saturday, September 17, 2011

dramatic black & white photography

The well known landscape feature in Jutland of Møns Klint

We mentioned the late Richard Steinheimer's contribution in this area in an earlier post.  Another photographer in the same vein worthy of note is Kirsten Klein, born 1945 in Denmark.

This book, which translates as "between light and darkness", provides an overview of Kirsten Klein's professional career through 40 years. She shoots exclusively analogue; digital cameras are banned, and she works primarily with traditional black and white techniques, printing on silver gelatine fibre paper, but she has also at times used the very old techniques such "noble press" and photogravure. This explains the great variation in the photographic expression from which comes very subtle colour tones and value into the images. Her topics are mainly centered on nature and landscape, trees, rocks, cows, water, plants, mosses, based around Nordmors, where she has lived for many years. From there the locations spread beyond the rest of the North Jutland and into the rest of Scandinavia, into Lapland and further afield. And no matter what the motives are, and where she finds them, she manages to find both beauty and mystery in them and give them an almost metaphysical dimension.

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