Thursday, September 23, 2010

Photography of the sea

In our post on the Ministry of Culture and Heritage book New Zealanders and the Sea from last November we said, "The cover is fairly insipid as are the wallpaper type photos used in introductory pages (one can't help but contemplate what a renowned photographer like Philip Plisson of France could have done)". Well here is the latest book by Philip Plisson which demonstrates what he can do.

His last book on the general theme of the sea La Mer was a massive tome with a massive weight, this one is a smaller format, but is still no minor work with 365 photos, one to a heavy gloss paper paper page, with a lengthy caption about each. They cover a full range of themes and moods and are taken around the world, including NZ.

Well, MCH, why didn't you ask him to supply a few pictures for your book? Or was he not, as usual, on your 'Old School Tie' list of of preferred suppliers?

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