Saturday, June 19, 2010

proliferation of e-book readers, but...

...from our perspective it seems like the purpose is to make profits from the hardware. None of those on sale are cheap, one needs to be a committed book buyer for the excerise to the worthwhile. And how many allow the e-books files to be read of other platforms? Certainly Amazon and Apple don't seem keen on this.

As has been said before, we like good old fashioned printed books for a number of reasons. They will work anywhere and don't use any electronic hardware or require a power source. They feel good and despite the claims, are just as easy to use as e-books.

We plan to regard the printed book as the primary form of a book, the e-book as a poor substitute when the economics of reprints aren't favourable. And those we do offer will be pdf files that can be read on any mainstream computer. We make the background look like paper as much as is possible, as those who visit our main
website will see.

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