Monday, March 29, 2010

Did you know ... that we actually need fat and cholesterol in our diets?

You wouldn't think so from the messages we are constantly given and have been for the last 4 decades at least.

Following the movie "Supersize Me" aimed at the Fast Food industry, the issue was examined and taken to task in a much less publicised but also much less biased light-hearted documentary called Fat Head which has screened a few times on the Documentary Channel, most recently this past weekend.

For several years people have been told to avoid fat like the plague - so butter, cheese, eggs, nuts, red meat - among other things were out, but common sense is starting to prevail. What are the real villains according to this doco? Trans-fatty acids such as corn oil and soy oil, and excessive carbohydrates (as found in sugar, flour, pasta, potatoes and other things).

Of course we need a solid base of fruit and vegetables too.

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