Friday, January 8, 2010

answers to a few more FAQs from the last decade

Why did you move from the Harcourts Building on Lambton Quay?
It wasn't from choice as it was a great location. The building was owned by AXA who sold it to Messrs Fay & Richwhite, who (true to form) told everybody on Christmas Eve 1999 that they had to the end of January to vacate the building. They then proceeded to gut the building, including many original features from the 1920s.

Why did you drop the IPL imprint?
Because everybody kept asking what it stood for. We were also being confused with INL (now part of Fairfax).

I find transpress in other countries while surfing the web - are they related to you?
No. There are transpress businesses in Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Finland and Russia - none related to each other as far as we know. Incidentially the Spanish one copied the spinning globe gif from our website, not vice versa.

Do you publish totally commissioned books?
Yes, but we use the Maurienne House imprint for these, as unlike other Wellington publishers such as Steele Roberts, we don't want to be seen as indulging in vanity publishing.

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